7 curiosities about credit cards that you would have liked to know before


That very small plastic, so longed for by many and hated by others, has much more information than you think.

Credit card benefits

Credit card benefits

Credit cards had a beginning and involved many secrets that, knowing them, could help us make better use or simply expand our knowledge.

In order not to leave you in doubt, we have selected 7 curious facts about the cards and we present them below:

1. The first card was issued in New York and was paper. On the reverse, you could see the 14 establishments where you could pay with it.

2. Diners was the pioneer in issuing credit cards, followed by American Express in 1958.

3. The real name of VISA was BankAmericard, until 1976, when they changed their name.

4. Credit cards represent the most profitable financial product for all banks in the world. They raise more than 30 billion each year.

5. Around the world, 10,000 transactions are carried out with credit cards every second.

6. 10% of cardholders worldwide have more than 10 credit cards each.

7. The minimum payments are exclusively designed so that people avoid falling behind and maintain the debt with the bank, thus paying more interest.

And good? How did you find this data?

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First, it has always been said that keeping many cards is a danger, and now you know that a percentage of the population has ignored that rule and has more than 10! What will your finances be like? That is a separate thing.

On the other hand, now that you know that cards are the favorite financial product of banks, pay close attention to those you own and make sure they offer you many benefits and those that you can use and go with your profile!

Finally, keep in mind the minimum payment information

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As we have always repeated, they are ideal only when you cannot cover the total amount, for some emergency, otherwise, you are only paying more interest.