Art school kicks off tree planting campaign by donating 30 saplings to community group in Hull

A Hull-based art school has turned the page by launching a donation program supporting tree planting projects.

The non-profit Feral School of Art opened in a new home on Alfred Gelder Street in the city center last year.

It also operates textile, fashion and photography studios in Humber Street.

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Today, school leaders launched a commitment to improving the environment with their Feral Forest initiative.

The first fruits of the program are a partnership with the Friends of Garrowby Orchard, a community group that cares for a 2.5 hectare woodland, orchard and green space on the western edge of town.

As part of the connection, the school is providing 30 young oak trees which will be planted on the site this weekend by members of the community group.

Art School with some of the young oak trees” content=””/>
Jayne Jones of Feral Art School with some of the young oak trees

Principal of the school, Jackie Goodman, said: “‘As an organization rooted in the community of Hull, we are delighted to make this contribution to the excellent work of the Friends of Garrowby Orchard.

“We have set up the Feral Forest project as an ongoing commitment to improving the environment and intend to continue our local partnership with Friends of Garrowby Orchard, as well as contributing in any way we can to the programs tree-planting events.”

Paul Collinson, member of the Friends of Garrowby Orchard, said: “As a community group, we are committed to the continuous improvement of Setting Dyke’s community green space as a unique resource for nature and visitors.

“Local residents and volunteers have planted over 2,000 trees over the past few years and our involvement in the Feral Forest project will continue this work of improvement for the benefit of all.”

A spotted woodpecker at Garrowby Orchard
A spotted woodpecker at Garrowby Orchard

The Garrowby Walk site, Meltonby Avenue, is open to all at any time of the year.

The Sunday tree planting session starts at 10am when members of the Friends group will be on hand for anyone who wants to visit and learn more about their work.

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Kayleen C. Rice