Art student creates mural at Princes Mead shopping center in Farnborough

Completed mural at Princes Mead shopping center

An art student from Farnborough College of Technology has created a new mural at the Princes Mead Shopping Center in Farnborough, Hampshire.

The college’s art department was approached by Princes Mead, who commissioned the students to create a space-themed design to breathe new life into part of the center.

Students in the College’s Level 3 Art and Design course submitted ideas for review, and sophomore Lucy Hartley’s “Alien Parade” design was selected for final installation.

Lucy hand painted the centre’s mural for three weeks, working alongside college classes and her part-time job to bring the idea to life. The management of the center and the professors at Lucy’s University agreed that the project was a success.

Liz Marsden, Center Marketing Manager, said: “We are delighted with the design Lucy has created, it’s fun and perfectly crafted into our ‘To the Stars and Back’ Christmas theme.

“We’ve had so many space projects in the news this year and Farnborough has such a rich aviation history, it’s great to be able to create something to celebrate that.”

The mural is now complete at the Princes Mead Mall for everyone to enjoy.

Lucy standing next to the fresco

Reflecting on the project, Lucy said: “I was very honored to have chosen my design and it was an incredible opportunity.

“I loved creating and designing aliens and overall it was a wonderful experience.

“It gave me a huge boost in my creative self-confidence and I can’t wait to see what could be next.”

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Kayleen C. Rice