Art Student of the Week: Eli Rose

When Eli Rose was in sixth grade, they remember seeing their best friend learn to draw. “I thought it was so cool to be able to do something like that,” Eli Rose said. “That’s when I really started drawing and practicing every day.”

Although they have only been at Niwot High School for a year, artist Eli Rose (no last name) enjoyed the art classes and the opportunity these classes gave them to experiment with different media. , while having enough freedom to express their own ideas.

Eli Rose has explored a variety of media and artistic styles. “Honestly, I don’t have a medium that I always come back to or would call my favorite,” they said. “For me, it really depends on the vision I have and what will best bring it to life.”

Artists are often influenced by the work of others, and Rose found inspiration when they had the opportunity to visit the Monet exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. The variety of impressionist paintings by Monet was fascinating. The audio tour provided as part of the exhibition explained that later in his life, Monet longed to escape into nature: this escape eventually led to some of his most famous paintings.

The trip encouraged Eli Rose to learn more about Impressionism, “…the way, when done right, a portrait or landscape can look like someone has brought a camera into a reverie .” Although they don’t practice Impressionism very often, it’s one of the things that inspired them to keep creating art. “I think art changes with people, and people change over time/resources,” they said. “Art is essentially just individual expression and since we all have our unique preferences and each artist has their own motivation and emotion behind their work, there really isn’t much reason to criticize a generation of artists anymore. art than to criticize the generation itself.”

Eli Rose likes to work in places where no one can disturb them. Although they don’t often have access to a lot of outdoor space, working outdoors more often would be welcome. There are lots of plants in their bedroom, which helps bring a bit of nature into their workspace.

The artist likes to listen to music while he works. “I always have to be careful to pick a good background song that won’t tempt me to listen to the lyrics or I’ll lose my focus and start dancing and singing.”

Photo courtesy of Emily Dobson

“I Am the Weary Wings of a Bird” by Niwot High student Eli Rose won first place in the 2021 Juried Youth Art Exhibit at the Erie Community Library.

When he’s not creating art, Eli Rose enjoys baking, cooking, and spending time with his pets. They have three dogs, three rats and a snail. He also likes to be outside, preferably by the water or in the mountains, especially in spring and summer when all the flowers and mushrooms start to grow.

This summer, Eli Rose plans to work part-time and spend his free time visiting art museums, hiking, visiting the library and botanical gardens, and on days when they’re not going out, sleeping and practicing leisure.

Eli Rose doesn’t know for sure what the future holds, which is why they plan to go to community college for two years after high school, to give them more time to figure out the future. “What I do know is that it’s going to be something that has to do with one or more of my hobbies and it’s definitely not going to be an office job,” Eli Rose said.

Kayleen C. Rice