Art student receives recognition for his work during the First Friday Art Walk

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Art students received recognition for their work during the First Friday Art Walk.

The International Baccalaureate Art Exhibition featured artwork by students from Washburn Rural High School at the Two Wolves Studio for the first time.

“This First Friday show is about the community,” said Alexander Lancaster, owner of Two Wolves Studio.

Five students each presented works of art highlighting the global issues of a theme of their choice.

“I think it’s so important. It shows them how an artist comes into a gallery, how to set up the work, how to label all kinds of ins and outs of an artist working,” Theresa Shetler said. Logan, Washburn Rural HS art teacher.

Finn Reilly presented nine plays highlighting human rights issues. “Human rights issues have been something that I have found to be deeply important and just emotionally impactful to me,” Reilly said.

“I wanted to communicate that through art. It helped me, even with social skills, to get to know people in artist communities that I might not have known elsewhere,” Reilly added.

Adrian Cox focused on humans and nature, and Kellan Huebner emphasizes material art.

“My arts are the number of what we call symbolic pieces. This stuff is when you find things around your house that you don’t really use, and you just put them together to create something more meaningful than they all were to begin with.” said Huebner, Washburn Rural HS Senior.

“All of our styles are just super different and I think it’s really great that it’s all like one room. There’s also a lot of interactive stuff,” said Cox, Washburn Rural HS Senior.

At 785 Arts, Indigenous student Miranda Bradford was also recognized for her creative talents.

Mayor Mike Padilla awarded him Best in Show.

“That, along with the Indigenous Art Initiative, has been a really good opportunity for us to get our art out there and seen, because as Indigenous people we’re not represented enough,” Bradford said. . “So it’s really nice to be able to have that and to have those opportunities to introduce new artists to this scene and really have our voice heard.”

The student’s works will be exhibited until the end of the month at Two Wolves Studio.

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Kayleen C. Rice