Art student who shared emotional conversation with her Asian parents on TikTok posts video update

A Vietnamese TikToker student whose video of her emotional conversation with her parents about her major went viral, has posted a follow-up video showing her family expressing support for her goals.

Kaitlynn Bui, known as @kaitlynnbui on TikTok, uploaded the new video three days after the previous one.

The follow-up video, which appears to take place in what is presumably his family’s home, begins with Bui apologizing to his parents for his “defensive” reaction during their previous conversation.

“You and dad were trying to talk to me but I was talking like crazy,” Bui said. “I did wrong. I’m sorry, mom and dad.

His mother, who is off-screen, replies, “Are you aware that you did something wrong?”

@kaitlynnbuii is graduating next month but I still don’t know what the future holds, so when my parents asked me the question I’ve been asking myself over and over again, I got defensive and I reacted badly. I love my mom and dad ❤️♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

After Bui says yes, her mother then explains that she and Bui’s father had asked about her plans to see if they could help her. They advise her to “do what makes you happy”.

“From the beginning, I told you that it was very difficult to find a job, but if you want it, we will support you anyway. You wanted a new lens, we bought you a new lens. You wanted a new camera, your father bought it for you,” Bui’s mother tells her daughter. “I don’t need you to have a lot of social influence or make a lot of money. You can do what makes you happy, but you must be able to support yourself and your family.

In her previous video, posted online April 9, a teary-eyed Bui defends her decision to major in art in a mostly Vietnamese conversation with her parents, who strongly question her choice. Her father is seen telling Bui to ‘stop dreaming’, while her mother says she has ‘nothing compared to others’ after Bui jokes that she has found ‘a rich husband’ .

In response to a user’s impression that “delivery was just over” from Bui’s parent, Bui replies, “Yes!! Parents always have your best interests at heart, but the generation gap can make communication difficult.

The video has garnered over 517,000 views and 50,000 likes since it was uploaded on April 12.

Image selected via @kaitlynnbui

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