AUB Art Student Sculptures for Lower Gardens Mini Golf

FINE Art students from the University of the Arts at Bournemouth (AUB) created and installed their own sculptures for a temporary overhaul of a mini-golf course.

For the fourth time, AUB students have brought their creativity to the Lower Gardens Miniature Golf Course in Bournemouth to give putters an extra hurdle to beat their hole in one attempt.

From Friday December 10 to Sunday December 12, visitors will be treated to chess pieces, signs, sea monsters and even slices of pizza while playing on the BCP Council-owned golf course.

The art was also used on the nearby table tennis facilities.

Bournemouth University of the Arts students at the Lower Gardens Miniature Golf Course. Photo: BCP Council

18 unique site-specific works of art were created by students under the tutelage of internationally traveled artist Doug Fishbone, who said, “We’ve had some great ones over the years, but this one is particularly fun.

“There are visually exciting stuff and crazy stuff, but we didn’t want to get too crazy and offend the good people of Bournemouth.

“It’s of course fun and engaging, but it actually adds a lot to the skills of the students. The town already looks fantastic with the trees and the ice skating, so it’s nice to add that extra element of family fun. We hope people like it.

Kayleen C. Rice