Auburn to Implement Public Art Program | Barrow News-Journal

Auburn will soon add a colorful, fun and explorable art collection and gatherings for residents and visitors when passing a proposed public arts ordinance.

A public art ordinance is proposed in Auburn to achieve its vision of a vibrant, active community where families want to live and people want to visit.

The city hopes that public art will create the sense of pride and welcome it envisions while strengthening people’s personal connection to the city and the bonds between a diverse population that calls Auburn home.

Public spaces are priority areas with an emphasis on meeting the needs and character of each of Auburn’s various neighborhoods and districts.

In the ordinance, the city’s definition of permitted public art includes all forms of limited edition or one-of-a-kind original creations of visual art, both decorative and utilitarian, including but not limited to , paintings, drawings, photographs, collages, ceramics, artistic glass, stained glass and fiber art.

Functional features or improvements such as unique site benches and fountains, sculptures, technical supports, murals and mosaics will also be eligible submissions.

dynamic and engaging place lace uses art ordinance to enhance visual appearance by emphasizing gathering places, landmarks and infrastructure.

Once adopted, the City of Auburn encourages its citizens to implement public art to be enjoyed by the community. Any property owner, non-profit organization, or artist living or working in the city of Auburn can submit an application to the city.


Also at the Auburn workshop on April 21, the following items were discussed and will receive a vote at its business meeting on May 7:

• Resolution proclaiming May 5, 2022 Terry England Day in the City of Auburn. The city of Auburn has been represented by England in the Georgia House of Representatives since 2005, where he served on the House Appropriations Committee and oversaw the state budget. England has worked on behalf of and championed the citizens of Auburn in a number of ways, including helping to fund the Auburn Public Library and adding the library and supporting the local FFA chapter, which is one of the leaders of the state.

• Proclamation of Police Week May 15-21 in the City of Auburn to honor members of local law enforcement and all who serve and their critical role in protecting the communities they serve.

• Proclamation of the week of May 1 to May 7, 2022 as City Clerks’ Week, marking the 53rd annual Professional Week for City Clerks, which was launched in 1969. The first full week of May, the vital role that City Clerks play in local government is recognized.

• A detailed work contract with Phillips State Prison in Buford from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. The Public Works Department has used a detailed work team for several years to assist city staff with services such as such as grass cutting, road work, building rehabilitation, storm water reconstruction, park maintenance, roadside trash removal and many other tasks. Prison labor is free, and the prison guard receives a salary of $49,318 per year, which is an expense already budgeted for in the city’s approved budget for 2022.

• Proclamation of the week of May 16 to May 22, 2022, “Ready and Resilient” as National Public Works Week in the City of Auburn. National Public Works Week has been celebrated the third week of May since 1960 and serves as an annual reminder of the contribution of public works professionals in their work to improve the quality of life of the communities they serve.

• Abandonment of 280 feet of Lee Street, an undeveloped right-of-way between Myrtle Street and Hawthorne Avenue, following the city’s receipt of a petition from Kenneth Wiley requesting the abandonment of the driveway that passes near his home.

• A review of the fiscal year 2022 semi-annual financial analysis report for general and corporate funds by the mayor and council. In the city’s revenue/expenditure analysis, the total revenues total $5,147,273 and the expenditures total $3,058,432, bringing the general fund revenues to $2,088,840. General fund revenues amount to just over $3.6 million and expenditures to $1.9 million. Water fund revenues are $1.4 million with expenses of just over $1 million and stormwater revenues are $112,892 with expenses of $52,368.

• Consider creating a human/public relations generalist position within the finance administration department, who would be responsible for all H&W hiring, onboarding, departures, payroll, benefits, and safety programs. The HR/PR Generalist would also be a backup for the Accountant and City Clerk as well as any other areas where this would be beneficial.

Kayleen C. Rice