BAM appointed to deliver state-of-the-art school campus reconstruction

The Scottish Borders Council has appointed BAM for the reconstruction of the £ 46million school campus at Peebles High School in Peeblesshire, Scotland

The “state-of-the-art” campus will replace the old school, which suffered damage after a fire in 2019.

With a focus on sustainability, the new facility was designed by Glasgow architects, Stallan Brand.

BAM will be responsible for several additional features on the site, including:

  • A complete exterior layout.
  • Internal channels.
  • Access to service and additional parking.
  • Extension of the school‘s existing sports block.
  • The provision of new outdoor sports facilities, including an all-season 3G sports field.

The Scottish Borders Council’s development partner, Hub South East, will oversee the project through the various phases of development.

The Scottish Borders Council has paid particular attention to investing in the future of young people in recent years and as a result a Learning Estate Program has been established to prioritize the accessibility of high quality educational institutions across borders.

The complete reconstruction of Peebles High School has been identified as a priority project as part of the Council’s efforts to modernize school infrastructure in the region.

“World-class educational institutions for young learners”

Councilor Carol Hamilton, Executive Member of the Scottish Borders Council for Children and Youth, said: A step forward for this great project.

“We believe that BAM’s track record in carrying out projects of this scale can help the Council achieve its ambition to provide world-class educational facilities for young learners across borders.

“We want to create a facility that recognizes and celebrates the unique beauty of the Peebles region which can become a focal point for the surrounding area.

“Thorough thinking and thought has gone into the design of a building that reflects the history of the city and blends into its local environment.”

“Sustainable, highly modern and extensive facilities”

Martin Cooper, Construction Manager for BAM, said: “Not only will we be providing a very durable, very modern and extensive facility for the students and staff at Peebles High School, but BAM will be using our time here to work with the community and local businesses to make sure you give something back beyond just creating a large building.

“This is a great opportunity for all of us and we are going to reach out to our partners so that we can all make the most of it.”

Once the building is completed, the students will be transferred to the new facility allowing the final phase of the project which will include the demolition of the existing school buildings and the construction of the new parking lots.

Planning requests should be submitted next year prior to a further development period of the project design. Construction work on the new campus is expected to start at the end of 2022.

Kayleen C. Rice