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ESCANABA – Bay College is pleased to present the winners of our Winter 2021 Student Art Exhibition. Each year Bay College hosts a gallery displaying the work of current students. This semester course work; Painting I, digital photo I and visual structures are represented in the gallery.

Each semester a “Purchase price” is awarded to one student per course. The chosen work is part of the Bay College art collection. Students also receive 2nd, 3rd, and honorable mention awards.

the “Purchase price” the winners are Alyssa Alquist, Self-Portrait, Painting. Laura Tirapelli. Artistic evolution, animation. Cheyenne La March. Stop asking, digital photography.

The other winners are: Digital Photo I – 2nd place Garrett Van Nett, Self-Portrait, 3rd place Rhonda Menary, Tangled.

Honorable Mention – Emily May. Painting I – 2nd place, Janeen Fulkerson, Self-Portrait, 3rd place Anna LeBlanc, Self-Portrait, and Honorable Mention – Laura Tirapelli and Jane Karweick. Visual Structures – 2nd Place Janeen Fulkerson, 3rd Place Garrett Van Nett, Honorable Mention – Halle Gustafson, Anna LeBlanc, Jacinta Gasperich and Alyssa Alquist.

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