BCAT and DCC Launch Art Pilot Program | Culture & Leisure


A pilot program started at the start of this school year between the Brockway Center for Arts and Technology located in Brockway and DuBois Central Catholic. BCAT’s mission is to inspire young people through the arts, especially students in Grades 9-12. BCAT, when approached by Prinicpal Karrie Miller to provide arts to the DCC school system, considered how to align BCAT’s mission with DCC’s arts programming.

The program was approved by Deborah Heigel, Executive Director M.Ed / BCAT.

“Partnering with CDC helps us fulfill our mission to inspire and develop young people through the arts. Last year our outreach activities in schools were curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The center reworked its approach to reach students and the community through different outreach methods. BCAT and DCC hope that with the new opportunities presented to DCC students, they will want to take advantage of the free after-school programming offered by BCAT at Brockway.

“Helping to maintain and develop the arts in schools has always been an important goal for us at BCAT as well,” said Heigel.

Miller added, “The partnership will continue to encourage our students to identify and develop their God-given talents to make their unique contribution to the world. The added bonus is that our students will meet artists from across the country who have varied artistic techniques and mediums.

Nicole Snyder has been appointed DCC / BCAT Liaison Officer to manage the program and ensure its success. Any questions or concerns from parents regarding the pilot program should be directed to Snyder. Liana Agnew and Matt Zorn have been named Artist-in-Residence for this school year.

Agnew teaches in the elementary art room and Zorn is in the high school art room. Guest artists will be featured throughout the school year, including guest speakers from Manchester Bidwell Corp.

All students will learn the elements and principles of design and art history.


Kayleen C. Rice