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“Biotoopia’s art program is not a separate entity, but rather connects our subjects into one whole, and this year for the first time it will take place across Estonia,” said program curator Peeter Laurits. artistic of Biotoopia, according to a press release. “Viinistu is nonetheless still the focal point, hosting an illustrious company of known and respective creatives.”

The main conference-forum and related three-day art program will take place at Viinistu Art Harbor from August 17-19.

On Wednesday, August 17, Biotoopia’s on-site art program will be inaugurated by Jaanika Peerna, a New York-based artist known for focusing on themes related to natural phenomena and whose exhibition “Glacier Elegy in the Sea Chapel” looks like accelerating climate change as he worships the last block of ice.

“Peerna’s show will be made special by the second day performance, where the audience will complete the accelerator with the dancers,” Laurits added.

On the same evening, award-winning American musician and biologist David Rothenberg will perform a unique concert, “Secret Sounds of Ponds”, featuring aquatic insects, showcasing their sound fields.

Jaanika Peerna (left) dances in New York with the East River and Brooklyn Bridge visible in the background. Source: Jaanika Peerna

The on-site artistic program will also include plant-inspired interpretations in dance by Karina Laurits. In the courtyard, Tuomas A. Laitinen and curator Ki Nurmenniemi from Finland will install a stationary ultrasound installation to facilitate communication with other life forms. This installation will be accompanied by a performance-conference aimed at helping spectators to understand the creative process behind the work and to establish a link with the eyes of the artists.

On Friday, August 19, the third and final day of the event, guests will be taken to nearby Mohni Island, where they are invited to get lost on purpose while searching for a location-specific, web-connected NFT facility created. by Jila Svicevic.

Jan van Boeckel, a Dutch promoter of arts education, will also organize a workshop offering participants the opportunity to get closer to nature.

The seeds of Jila Svicevic. Source: biotopia

Biotoopia will expand beyond the north coast

For the first time this year, Biotoopia’s three-day art program will be expanded with various exhibitions curated by collaborators across Estonia.

From May to October, several exhibitions will be open at different locations, including “Anthropocene” by Edgar Tedresaar at the Tartu Art House, “Sacred Baths” by Peeter Laurits at the Vaal Gallery, “Varvara and Mar” at the Kanal Gallery, a exhibition of the Association of Estonian Engravers at the Rüki Gallery, the opening of the sculpture garden at the Voronja Gallery, an exhibition at the Kordon Gallery, as well as the 8th Artishok Biennial, “Plants as Witnesses” at the Botanical Garden of Tallinn.

Biotoopia is an international hybrid conference-forum taking place at the Viinistu Art Museum from August 17-19. The program includes presentations, art and music programs, workshops and nature hikes. The first two days of the conference are also accessible online.

The themes of this year’s event are ecoaesthetics and the ecology of reconciliation.

The conference-forum will be held in English.

Click on here for the full program and more info.

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Kayleen C. Rice