Blackburn College Art Student Portfolio Inspired by Mental Health

An art and design student has used his mental health experiences to form the creative inspiration for a series of paintings.

Kae Beth, an undergraduate art and design student at Blackburn College, created a collection of paintings that depict some of their experiences with mental health a few years ago.

Kae, from Newcastle, said: “I struggled with some things and had a lot of experiences with my mental health growing up.

“I must have become quite independent when I was younger, but I realized that the life I was living wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest, so I gave myself a boost and I took control of my life.

“A lot of my work is about self-esteem. I felt that if I could draw and paint on what I’ve been through, then I could go back to it and know that I’ve been through those times and overcome the challenges I faced.

“This year, I feel like I’ve grown a lot. I moved to Blackburn from Newcastle and have had a fresh start and am happy with my progress at Blackburn College.

Kae is progressing to study the Level Two Art and Design course and wishes to continue creating and producing art and design.

They added: “Painting has helped me with my mental health and made me realize how strong I am. I’ve had my own experiences and I’m still here making art, so I’m not going to stop.

“After completing the level two course in college, I would like to consider a career in the tattoo industry as it is something I am really interested in and want to explore further.”

Kae’s work is on display at Blackburn College’s FE Art and Design Show, which features final project work from students taking creative art courses at the College and is open until July 6 and can be found at the Beacon Centre. of the College.

Kayleen C. Rice