Blue Hill art student grateful for honor, opportunity |


BLUE HILL – The artwork by Libby Macklin, art student from Blue Hill, 15, is in the spotlight as it will be hung at the United States Capitol in Washington.

The work is titled “Best Friend” and features a detailed drawing of a horse’s head. Macklin is 15 now, but actually drew the photo when she was 13 to enter another contest, which she also won.

“Best Friend” won the Gold Key Drawing and Illustration Award presented by the Omaha Public Schools Art Competition, an affiliate of the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. The same artistic creation has now won first place in the Congressional Art Competition for Smith’s Third District, allowing it to be exhibited on Capitol Hill for a year.

The finalists’ works will be on display at Smith’s Congressional offices on Capitol Hill and on Grand Island and Scottsbluff.

Macklin, who has been drawing for as long as she can remember, is thrilled to have the opportunity to let her talents shine.

“It’s phenomenal for me,” she said. “I never thought that drawing would create this great opportunity for me.”

She also enjoys oil painting, but finds pencil with graphite to be her favorite medium.

Macklin is the 2021 Webster County Rodeo Princess and says she is passionate about horses and riding. At the time of the drawing, she had been riding for some time, so she chose a horse for her subject.

Although Macklin has many interests, she sees art as something that will stay strong in her life.

“I would like to continue to make art into a hobby, it’s a great opportunity and it also gave me a lot of opportunities,” Macklin said.

She enjoys art classes at school and plans to continue with art.

“My art teacher has been wonderful,” she said. “I give Mrs. Brown a lot of credit for teaching me the basics of how to draw.”

Teacher Chris Brown enjoys working with the young artist and sees great promise in her artistic abilities and her drive to succeed.

“Libby is an exceptional and talented young woman. However, not many people know how hard Libby worked to achieve this incredible success in her art. She has always demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication to success. Libby’s efforts have produced high quality results time and time again.

Macklin, his four sisters, and his parents hope to travel to Washington this year to see the design on the wall and see Smith, a Republican whose district stretches from the Colorado and Wyoming borders to the Missouri River in places.

Macklin learned that he won the contest from Smith himself.

“One morning this summer we were getting ready for swimming lessons and rushing,” said his mother, Sara Macklin, “and the phone rang, it was Adrian, and he asked for Libby and gave it to him. the good news, they had a long conversation.

Smith presented the award to Macklin during his visit to Blue Hill Schools on Tuesday.


Kayleen C. Rice