Bryan art student competes in global competition


Alena Vitha, 17, is one of the 16 winners of an international art competition.

BRYAN, Texas – At the end of the school year, art students at Bryan High School stay after class to complete their final projects. Among the crew is 17-year-old Alena Vitha.

“I did the [International Baccalaureate] Visual arts course, which is very involved and you have creative freedom, ”said Vitha.

The high school student has been involved in art since she was in eighth grade. However, creativity has always been a part of her life.

“I love fine art, so I love to play, I color guard and I just love to draw,” Vitha said. “It’s always something that I love to do.”

Having been involved in art programs throughout high school gave Vitha more confidence. Not just in artistic choices, but in life.

“Being able to be fearless and move forward with whatever you do because you have confidence in yourself and in the process is something that I definitely took with me,” explained Vitha.

This same fearlessness is what drives Vitha to showcase her projects to the world and participate in art competitions, even though these competitions are on a global scale.

“There are a lot of virtual competitions that you can participate in, which is really a great opportunity in terms of expanding your horizons,” said Vitha.

When the opportunity arose to participate in the international Picasso Sparkling Imagination competition, Vitha was up to the challenge. The competition reaches over 69 countries and receives over 19,000 entries.

The Bryan High School student wrote her play, ‘Through the Lens.’

“Finally months later I forgot about it and all of a sudden I got an email saying I won,” said Vitha.

His work was one of 16 pieces chosen from the 15-19 age group of the world competition. Vitha was the only selected entry from Texas. She and another young artist were the only two selected in the United States.

Vitha got a 9.4 out of 10 for her entry.

“It’s super exciting for her and super exciting for Bryan High in general,” Cynthia Castillo, visual arts teacher at Bryan High School. “It’s also motivating to think about what the students can do and to see how far they can go.”

The winning coins, like Vithia’s, will be on the Picasso Art Competition website for the world to see for the rest of the year. According to the competition, the works of art on display are seen by more than 129 countries.

Vitha will be attending Texas A&M Univerity in the fall and plans to take the engineering program on campus. Although she will not pursue art as a goal of her career in higher education, she has said that she will always keep the craft in her life.

“I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience,” said Vitha.


Kayleen C. Rice

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