Cameron University art student showcases his works at the Capitol | Community

A local art student had the opportunity to showcase her artwork at the State Capitol.

Nikki Reid, 25 and a student at Cameron University, has taken her experience from her drawing class to new arenas over the past few weeks.

Reid, Eddie and Frankie’s daughter and Mike and Pam’s granddaughter, is currently studying art at Cameron University in Lawton.

“The class was Drawing 2,” Reid said. “My teacher brought in an artist from an Atelier to lead our class for about two days where he taught us how to draw from a live model.”

According to Reid, one of his favorite parts of art is experimenting with new mediums.

Reid said she enjoys “capturing a moment in time and telling a story with even the finest detail”.

Reid’s artwork, titled “Sleeping Beauty,” now hangs in the entrance to Rep. Marcus McEntire’s office at the Capitol.

According to Reid, “Sleeping Beauty” was his first experiment with water-soluble graphite.

“I hope to inspire a new generation of artists with my work,” said Reid, “as well as finding my storytelling niche in art, whether that’s creating illustrations in a children’s book for a younger audience or create giant paintings for a gallery for a group of more mature viewers.

Reid said she loves the feeling of having her work displayed and is very grateful.

“It gave me a new motivation to push myself further in art,” Reid said, “to create more and strive to one day see even more works on display for people to see. I pinch myself again to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Kayleen C. Rice