Changes are happening at the Honolulu Museum of Art School

The art school is about to reopen in the summer of 2022.
The Honolulu Museum of Art School has offered a wide range of art classes and community programs to the public for over 30 years. | Photo: Courtesy of HoMA

Since the 1990s, the Honolulu Museum of Art School has been a welcoming community space for artists and students who have attended the school’s studio classes and participated in the museum’s many programs held in the historic educational building. But when COVID-19 forced the school to close in March 2020 in the interest of safety, the pandemic schedule allowed a planned renovation project to move forward without affecting classrooms. The goal? Transforming the museum’s rich artistic education experiences for generations to come.

Homa instructors

The newly renovated classrooms will optimize the studio class experience for all levels of budding artists starting next summer. | Photo: Courtesy of HoMA

October 2021 marked the official start of construction on the art school – a nearly 2,000 square foot extension of the Kiln House and the creation of open, multi-purpose courtyard spaces. Repair and improvement work has been underway for months as part of the renovation project, with the aim of improving the building’s infrastructure and facilitating high-quality arts education and helping to strengthen the arts community. here in Hawai’i. The art school expansion and renovation project is supported by a generous private donation and aid grant (GIA) provided by the Hawaii State Office of Community Services.

The building will look and feel different when it reopens in the summer of 2022, with a new design that prioritizes inclusiveness, accessibility and sustainability in its primary function and layout, key considerations for this important community resource. “Our courtyard spaces will become extensions of the building’s interiors for events and artistic creation,” said Jason Morrison, director of campus operations. “And our classroom spaces will be optimized to enhance the art studio classroom experience and provide more pathways to arts education. We are excited about what the future of this space will mean for our entire community.

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A new state-of-the-art kiln will double the size of the ceramic studio and incorporate space for students to explore surface design and glazing techniques. | Photo: Courtesy of HoMA

According to Director of Learning and Engagement, Aaron Padilla, plans for the building include state-of-the-art glazing and kiln that will double the size of the ceramic studio and incorporate a glazing studio. “Adding a glaze workshop to the overall ceramic process will allow us to focus on the crucial stages of surface design and glazing techniques, an improvement that will be quite unique to Hawai’i.” Padilla explained what is planned for the future of the art school’s community spaces: “The building will also include a creativity center, a central space and a community resource at the heart of the art school to do of art, interact with HoMA’s loaner collection, and spotlight local talent through collaboration with Hawaii-based artists.

We will continue to share details as the construction and renovation of the building progresses, and we look forward to welcoming the community to a revitalized space and new opportunities for transformative artistic and educational experiences in 2022 and beyond. of the.

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Kayleen C. Rice