Corning launches community public art program

September 20 – A start-up community public art program was unanimously approved by Corning City Council at its last meeting as part of the ongoing effort to improve the appearance of the city.

This “Call to Local Artists” invites interested parties to transform, through art, the city’s utility box cabinets located throughout the city and the trash cans at Community Park/Lennox Fields.

Christine Meeds, city planner/director of recreation, said the city has five utility box cabinets at each red light intersection, a booster pump cabinet and a backflow cabinet located in the community park/Lennox Field, all of which are included in the artistic program.

The program is now on the city’s website where applications with artwork samples can be submitted by October 17.

Meeds said city council members would choose the winning artists at the October 25 city council meeting.

The criteria for entering the contest are as follows:

—The art must have a cultural history, a key activity or a character unique to the city.

—Artists must send samples of work.

—Artists must complete a statement of no more than 1,000 characters and indicate how their art will enrich the project.

—Entries may not invade or defame the rights of any person, dead or alive, and must be politically sensitive.

There is no age limit to enter the competition and artists must provide their own pre-approved art supplies to complete their project if selected.

The city will expect all works from selected artists to be completed by December 30 and each selected artist will receive $200 from the city per completed project.

Once a project is complete, the city coats it with an anti-graffiti clearcoat.

City manager Kristina Meeds said it was a “pilot program” and depending on its success it could be rolled out to other projects in the city.

“We are really trying to clean up our city and that will really help,” Mayor Robert Snow said.

For more information, contact the Town Hall at 530-824-7034.

Kayleen C. Rice