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A historic art school in West Cornwall has introduced the next phase of an innovative and free youth program, offering young local and national artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in the cultural heart of Cornwall.

The St Ives School of Painting, which is a registered charity, has expanded its offering for the 13-16 age group with the introduction of the Porthmeor Art Collective – a free online program accessible across the UK. United and starting October 12. .

Youth Arts Director Cat Lee explained, “Our youth program started small in the early 2000s, but has grown significantly in recent years.

“The Porthmeor Art Collective is the next logical step as it offers sustained classes over a period of several weeks, working towards the main objective of a group exhibition.

“The fact that the course is designed and taught by an emerging artist is perhaps unique and reinforces the School’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent.”

Led by Caleb Richards, 25, an emerging artist from Cornwall, the online program explores art from a contemporary perspective, including how it contributes to pop culture and influences the way young people see themselves- themselves and the world around them.

Beyond isolated workshops, the Porthmeor Art Collective will offer an extended course-type structure, encouraging young people to pick up a brush and think like an artist.

Young creatives will learn skills that practicing artists use on a daily basis when creating works.

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Caleb said, “Every aspiring designer has the power within them to create beautiful works of art, regardless of their age.

“When I was a teenager I needed this insight and encouragement by scribbling scary faces in my room.

“With this course, I hope to offer useful tips and tricks and help participants develop a pragmatic process that they can use whenever they tackle a new job.”

At the end of the 5-week course, the work of all participants will be on display in a one-day public exhibition, celebrating their accomplishments and showcasing the emerging talents of this next generation of creatives.

Young artists, alongside their friends and family, will attend the opening to mark the occasion, thus strengthening the supportive community environment offered by the Porthmeor Art Collective.

The St Ives School of Painting has a distinguished reputation dating back to its beginnings in the 1930s; Over the years, many notable artists have flocked to St Ives for inspiration in these atmospheric studios overlooking Porthmeor Beach.

The school’s original vision – which was founded by renowned artist Leonard Fuller – was: “To help the many visiting residents and students acquire the skills required to enable them to express themselves adequately in a variety of mediums.”

This vision of creative equality continues to guide the ethics of the school under the leadership of Alison Sharkey, and over the years the St Ives School of Painting has played a major role in establishing a center creative in this geographically remote Cornish town – and totally unique.

To join the free project and be part of the St Ives Young Artists Exhibition, visit the website for more information: / young-artists / or follow @porthmeor_youngartists on Instagram.

Project dates: October 12, October 19, October 26, November 2, November 9 at 4:30 p.m.

Exhibition: November 21 11 am-3pm, Vernissage 3 pm-5pm


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