COVID-19 – Beijing’s New Local Case at Tongzhou Art School – This is Beijing

Beijing reported a new local COVID-19 infection on Monday, December 20.

The infected individual lives in a dormitory at Huaqing Art Studio, an art school in Beijing’s Tongzhou Eastern District, as reported Beijing Daily.

The individual had traveled to Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province, on November 28 to take an exam. The city has one high risk area and 13 medium risk areas, at the time of publication. The individual had proof of a negative nucleic acid test result within 48 hours of returning to Beijing.

After returning to Beijing on December 18, the individual was told by Beijing Health Kit (北京 健康 fellow) to take a nucleic acid test due to the growing number of cases in Xi’an. The individual tested positive on December 19 and was subsequently placed in central quarantine.

During the Beijing Information Bureau’s 264th COVID-19 press conference, it was announced that 108 close contacts of the individual had been identified and that two items in the vicinity had tested positive for COVID- 19.

Huaqing Art Studio is approximately 20 kilometers from Universal Beijing Resort. Many who were planning to go to Universal wondered if the new case would affect their trip. Resort authorities responded that all guests would be required to present a Beijing health kit and green travel code (行程 码) to enter the park.

For now, life in Beijing continues as “normal COVID-19”. The city has no new risk areas. However, it is not recommended to leave Beijing unless absolutely necessary.

Entering (returning to) Beijing requires proof of a negative nucleic acid test result issued within 48 hours.

[Cover image via Pixabay]

Kayleen C. Rice