Edinburgh College of Art Diploma Show 2019

  • Susan mansfield
  • June 7, 2019

Big and ambitious work in this eclectic show of creations by graduating students

With the renovation of the main ECA building now complete, students revel in the spacious studios with large and ambitious work abundant, especially in sculpture. Suzanne Anthony makes things that look like play equipment from materials she finds in dumpsters. Harry Lusty uses a giant sheet of brown paper to create a range of spaces and levels of light with one swipe.

Hugo Harris studies the weight of the human body with a series of fascinating sculptures and photographs. Lola Stong-Brett and Eve Watson disrupt home furnishings, Stong-Brett with plaster blocks and lengths of latex, and Watson with intricate glass sculptures. Richard Goldsworthy’s wooden spheres demonstrate a deep sensitivity to materials.

Among the painters, Anna Rocke’s small images of houses and landscapes after dark stand out, while Gary Anderson’s continuing investigation of Edinburgh finds expression in sculptural drawings, paintings and reliefs. Helen Moock’s dedication to printmaking is clearly paying off, and Kara O’Donnell’s sensitive portraits stand out among a smaller than usual number of photography graduates.

Concern for the environment is a recurring theme, Daniel Howe’s “scapegoat” living on the regime of plastic balls. Gabrielle Gillott takes her audience down a winding hallway into what could be an abandoned bunker in a post-apocalyptic world, where everything is painted in a shade of lilac called Safe Haven.

Several of the women are engaged in reclaiming the female body, more provocatively in Gabriela Grant’s installation “These Breasts Are Mine,” more poetically in Hayley Whittingham’s fluid drawings of nudes and big cats. Lauren Holehouse printed her own journal, ECA Daily, which wraps around part of the building, addressing the issue of information overload and fake news.

Others tap into the fertile world of the imagination, such as Emma-Kate Roberts with her “ASPIE rocket” and her carefully designed museum on the planet she has explored, and Alex Hayward, whose paintings, drawings and stunning film collages were sparked by a trip to see Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella.

ECA, Edinburgh, until Sun 9 June.

Edinburgh College of Art Graduation Show

Annual diploma show showcasing the work of graduate students in all disciplines. An ideal opportunity to view, order and purchase new work. There are nine days of free public viewing, two of which are nocturnal.

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