Fat Joe Defends Curvy Art School Professor Against Critics, Professor Responds

*Fat Joe defends the kindergarten teacher who is at the center of the ire of the parents of the primary school where she works because she is too round.

“They’re trying to fire her because she’s too hot,” Fat Joe said in a social media video. “She is too beautiful. She is too round.

We previously reported that the small-town New Jersey art teacher reportedly upset many parents of her young students because of her voluptuous body.

As reported by The buzz, Roxsana Diaz pass The art teacher on Instagram, where she has more than 800,000 followers. According American Chronicles and Recent Timesparents have called on officials at the school where she works to fire Diaz because “her body distracts students,” an unidentified parent reportedly posted on social media.

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Credit: Instagram

The teacher is known for using her social media presence to spread body positivity awareness. She also responded to parental criticism of her Youtube channel.

According Recent TimesDiaz, 39, is a mother from Puerto Rico who has worked with Lil Yachty and Gillie Da Kid.

“A teacher’s job is to teach. What people don’t know is the real impact we have on children. I’m talking about a place to be the student who needed that extra love and that extra understanding,” Diaz said in an Instagram post. “We are parents away from home. We are the therapist, the caregivers, the extra love, the outlet. We are so many things.

Diaz recently took to social media to address the controversy.

“It’s so scary and mind-blowing to me that this is a thing,” she said in a clip posted to YouTube. “At first I thought it was funny. I was like reposting everything. But not at the moment because it annoys me a little.

She added, “I am a very, very good teacher. Students sent me emails over the summer asking me for homework. I am a good teacher. They love art. I love teaching art. I love working with children to create art.

“I say wife be awesome,” Fat Joe said of Diaz. “Can you fire someone for their looks?” Can you fire a teacher who is ugly? How can you fire a teacher because she’s bad? »

WATCH below.

Kayleen C. Rice