Fundraising to support the Hunterdon Hospice Youth Bereavement Art Program

Hunterdon Hospice offers a program called Youth Bereavement Art, which helps children aged 6-18 to grieve and heal through art therapy.

Flemington Chiropractic Center is raising funds to support the program.

Until June 11, raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the Flemington Chiropractic office for a chance to win a health and wellness basket.

Dr Lindsey Mansueto, owner and CEO of the Flemington Chiropractic Center, said: “Hunterdon Hospice helped my family when I had to be quarantined from my very ill stepfather. They came in and helped my mother-in-law to set up her hospital bed, her dresser, and then after she died, they took everything away. They made a horrible situation more bearable with their kindness, support and understanding. ”

Speaking about the Hunterdon Hospice Youth Bereavement Art Program, Mansueto said, “This program is so important and crucial for the youth in our community.”

She continued, “Unfortunately, such support is often overlooked but so necessary. Involving the community in this raffle will not only fund this cause, but it will also help create much needed awareness. ”

To enter the raffle, visit the Flemington Chiropractic Centers office near Highway 31 in Flemington.

Sweepstakes cost $ 1 each and six tickets cost $ 5. For $ 75, supporters receive 12 tickets and the contribution helps sponsor a child throughout the program. Flemington Chiropractic Center will match the contributions.

For more information on the raffle, contact Flemington Chiropractic Center at 908-806-3040. For those who need help caring for a loved one or need support with grievances, contact Hunterdon Hospice at /.

Kayleen C. Rice

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