Genius Artist Simulator is cheaper than getting an art degree

Developer Voolgi and publisher HypeTrain Digital bring SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator on Nintendo Switch and PC in Q1 2021, and it has a gameplay trailer to show what you can expect. It’s not just another “No Mario painting»Game for Switch (although those options exist and look great), because it’s set in 2130 and you are a genius artist living in a” space studio “. TelArt is an “artist simulation based on a first-person story with realistic physics (and) a mixture of colors”, and by fulfilling customer orders, you can sell the works you create for fame and profit . Then you can spend your moolah to expand your studio and fill it with furniture and decorations.

To capture and keep attention, Voolgi and HypeTrain Digital released a free sandbox SuchArt: Creative space kinda prologue on Steam, which lacks some of the features of the full game but still allows you to experiment with various artistic options. It’s unclear what the story for the full game will involve, but there is mention of a revolt of robots and creatures called the Crabuxes who “covet the planet’s salt water”. So, uh, this is something to watch out for.

Stay tuned for SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

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