Glasgow School of Art restoration ‘may take until 2027’

After being devastated by fire three years ago, the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) Mackintosh Building is to be restored in what will be a ‘faithful recovery’ of the original building, with work due to take place between 2022 and 2027.

The Grade A listed building suffered severe damage, with only the burnt shell remaining, and was described by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon as “heartbreaking”.

Considered the most famous of the GSA buildings, it was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh between 1896 and 1909 and was considered an icon of the British Art Nouveau style.

The Mackintosh project to restore the building considered several options, including a hybrid model and completely new construction, but this is the preferred choice considered.

School of Art as it is today” content=””/>
The Glasgow School of Art as it is today

Professor Penny Macbeth, Director of the GSA, said: “The original School of Art building is synonymous with the Glasgow School of Art and has been at the heart of learning, teaching and research of the GSA for over a century, as well as being an important part of Glasgow’s cultural life and heritage.

The building was nearing the end of a £35million restoration project following an earlier fire in 2014 which had its origins in a searchlight igniting gases from expanding foam used in the artworks of the students.

The second fire started late June 15, 2018 and an investigation into the cause is ongoing.

Kayleen C. Rice