Han So Hee compares her roles as an art student in “Nevertheless” and a teacher in “The Bride and Groom”

Many viewers might have hated Han So Hee in “The Bride and Groom”, but they are surprised because she plays an entirely different character in “Nevertheless”.

At a press conference on Friday, So Hee compared her young and hopeful character in “Nevertheless” to her role as mistress in the drama series “Bride and Groom.”

“This [Yoo Na Bi] is a complete change and a change from my previous role… but because I share so much with the character, I feel like it’s closer to home, ”she said.

“It’s not a transformation but I was able to channel myself into it, real life,” she added.

“But I hope audiences find my character relatable and I hope that the story that I tell through my character can resonate with a lot of people… I wanted to be so real and raw to bring emotions to my character.”

So Hee also said that in a way she resonated with Na Bi, who hoped she was the exception in how a romantic relationship realistically ended.

“In the past, I would have acted like Na Bi. Now, I’ve been through this and done that. I kind of resonate, but I also feel sorry for her, ”she said.

According to “Nevertheless” producer Kim Go Ram, she immediately thought of So Hee and Song Kang for the lead roles in the series, based on a webtoon of the same name.

“I really thought about them from the first moment I saw the webtoon so I really tried to throw them and they are the hottest rising stars. They are very busy and I asked them several times to work on this series and luckily they loved the webtoon and they wanted to work on it, ”said Go Ram.

The producer added that Na Bi, the character of So Hee, was charming and attractive and that she didn’t need to direct the actress in a certain way because Na Bi and So Hee felt alike.

“They’re just like a character to me… I’m a little confused who Na Bi is and who is So Hee,” she said.

Meanwhile, Go Ram has said that Song Kang and her character Park Jae Eon are both charming and attractive, but in different ways.

“Kang appears to be innocent, seems to be a nice guy, so people were having a hard time matching the two,” Go Ram said. However, the producer said she saw that the two had something similar going through them.

“When I first met Kang, I told him I wanted your life in this character more than just a spoon of Jae Eon,” she added.

Song Kang and So Hee expressed their joy after finding out that the other would be their partner.

“I thought she looked a lot like Na Bi, so I was taken by surprise and So Hee has that vibe,” Song Kang said. “She has a straightforward personality so I was very happy to hear that she was going to play with me.”

So Hee also said, “I thought he was similar to the webtoon character. There was a lot of fan choice over who should play the role and I really felt he was a great candidate.

She added, “Kang has a bubbly character. Her charm is very different from Jae Eon because it is very pure and that is the kind of charm that Song Kang currently has and that kind of contrast makes it even more charming.

“Nevertheless”, a romantic drama series based on a webtoon of the same name, revolves around young art student Na Bi who doesn’t believe in love after the disastrous end of her first romance, but still wanted to date. she.

Meanwhile, Song Kang’s character Jae Eon enjoys flirting with many women, but doesn’t believe in exclusive dating. The two have different desires, but they find themselves attracted to each other nonetheless.

The long-awaited series is slated to premiere on Netflix on June 20 with new episodes every Sunday. – RC, GMA News

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