HCCF helps fund several new projects, including a new arts program

Making a difference in the community and helping each other is important in Huron County, and the Huron County Community Foundation has made it its mission.

The HCCF awarded its 2022 competitive awards last month, helping to fund organizations, schools and projects across the county. Each year in August and September, the foundation opens its competitive fall grant cycle. The foundation has $25,000 to $27,000 to award this year. He received $95,000 in requests and awarded $27,000. Funds go to a wide variety of projects, including various school districts in Huron County, the CAN Council, the American Legion and many more.

Award recipients have gone to many schools and organizations, including Bad Ax Elementary and Middle School for their Water Filling Station and Helping Hands Project, the Caseville Food Pantry, Thumb Community Theater for their Elf Musical Production Jr. to name a few.

Schools in the Owendale-Gagetown area have developed an after-school arts and drama program, with a grant from the Huron County Community Foundation. The program will target the community and students.

“The Gagetown project was exciting because we are constantly looking for ways to create vibrant communities,” said General Manager Mackenzie Price. “One of the ways we do this is to support our schools and the students in those schools. With this art school arts and drama club it was an opportunity to engage students who may not be involved in athletics and the arts is another way to create a teamwork and give them a meaningful connection to develop their skills.

“We are very pleased to be able to open this up to students and the community,” said Terri Falkenburg, superintendent of schools for the Owendale-Gagetown area.

Since 1997, the foundation has donated funds to individuals and businesses in the Huron County area.

“When we’re able to give out these grants every year, for us, it’s very humbling because that’s what we were designed to do,” Price said. “That’s what people trust us to do, so being able to support a wide variety of causes and projects from across the Huron County area is really important to us. We want to make sure we have a positive impact.

Community foundation is not possible without the community itself. Ordinary people pooling their resources to give to the foundation for greater causes is something the HCCF thrives on and still seeks to continue that impact today.

Kayleen C. Rice