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Erika Seroki, currently studying art and design at Hugh Baird College (@hughbaird) had the opportunity to work on a large-scale portrait to celebrate the life of Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican artist who died in 1954. This piece was produced in collaboration with local abstract impressionist artist Kevin Kelly.

Kevin, whose works have generated interest around the world, has a studio in central Liverpool, where he and Erika worked on the play.

Feeling inspired by the work on the large-scale artwork, Erika expressed:

“I really enjoyed working with Kevin because it helped me learn to work quickly and achieve an end goal. “

“I never knew what kind of art specialization I wanted to take after I finished my classes at Hugh Baird College, but now, thanks to this project, I can see that there is a path I can take. “

Erika commented on her art and design studies at Hugh Baird College in these terms:

“The support from my tutors has been incredible, especially Alison Morrell, who pushed me beyond the limits of the artistic technique that I was used to working with.”

Erika, who is currently applying to college to study fine arts and education, also said:

“This is the kind of job I would love to do. I would like to thank the College and Kevin for giving me this unique opportunity which will definitely help me stand out when I apply to university.

Kevin visited Hugh Baird College to give students a masterclass in Impressionist art. It was while in college that he saw Erika’s talents and potential.

Kevin said:

“I was incredibly impressed with Erika’s work. I asked her if she would like to collaborate with me on a piece following the masterclass. For the past two months we’ve been working together in my studio to produce the play, and I’m over the moon. She helped bring it to life.

When asked if he had any advice for aspiring artists, Kevin replied:

“If you have a clearly visible talent, as you can see from Erika, you should just go. Never give up.

“During the masterclass I gave at Hugh Baird College, I told the students not to listen to anyone’s negative words; these words are just their negativity that they are trying to portray to you. Just believe in yourself and speak up. Nothing is ever wrong.

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