Inverness selects first mural in new art program | Local News

Inverness took its first big step this week towards implementing its newly created public art program by selecting a mural for the city’s inner city.

The selection of the mural from the three on display at the city council on Tuesday is said to coincide with the city’s Arts Festival. The mural will be by Christian Stanley, an artist based in Orlando. Stanley will be painting the mural during the art festival on November 20-21 in hopes of attracting people to view the art being created.

“This is an exciting project,” City Manager Eric Williams said after council members unanimously chose the mural proposed by Stanley.

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Williams said he expected many festival visitors to gather around the mural to watch it being painted.

The mural will be painted on the exterior wall of Coach’s Pub & Eatery facing Avenue des Pins.

The original proposal called for an otter in place of the bass, but advisory committees and others involved have called for the animal to be replaced with something that better reflects the city.

The plan is to bring a public art installation to Inverness each year.

For 2021, the Aesthetic / Architectural Review Committee, Art Festival Committee, Coach’s owners and city public art consultant Pamala Zeliak presented three murals to City Council at its regular meeting. potential for the Avenue des Pins wall at 114 W. Main St.

Zeliak explained to the council the process by which the mural was selected and said the process will be used in the future as well.

She said the first step was to find a location and get the owners on board.

“We wanted this one to be very visible,” she said.

The next step is to explain to the candidate artists the size of the mural and the concept the city wanted for the artwork, she said.

Normally, the city would open an open appeal for artists, but seeing that the city wanted the artist to work on the mural during the festival in November, the festival committee selected eight artists to initiate the process.

The committee then narrowed down the proposals to three murals for council consideration.

The board unanimously chose Stanley’s proposal, saying it included the qualities that make Inverness unique.

The cost of the project will be $ 11,200.

Zeliak said the city will also market the project.

The goal is to maintain the new mural and have it last 10 to 20 years.

City Councilor Linda Bega suggested filming Stanley while he painted the mural, and then showing the process after speeding up the film.

Kayleen C. Rice