Lyme Academy offers new after-school art program for youngsters

Rick Lacey, director of youth programs at Lyme Academy, teaches a new curriculum for drawing lessons for young people. Photo by Jordan Sokol.

OLD LYME — Starting this month, the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts will offer an after-school Young Masters program for students aged 12 and up. Students will be fully immersed in a professional studio environment, working directly with the instructor while learning the skills necessary to achieve excellence in fine art and their individual artistic goals.

Classes focus on observational drawing, painting and sculpture, building on a progression of increasingly complex assignments first initiated in art academies across Europe, and designed to engage and challenge, while developing students’ confidence in their abilities.

The Young Masters program is led by new Director of Youth Programs, Rick Lacey. Originally from Evergreen, Colorado, Lacey has spent most of her life in Lyme, Connecticut. After graduating from Lyme-Old Lyme High School in 2007, he graduated from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 2011, with a BFA in painting.

Lacey is a recipient of the American Visions Award as well as the John Stobart Fellowship Award. He has been featured in several national magazines, including American Artist and Art of the West.

Lacey currently works at Lyme Academy where she teaches very popular drawing and painting classes.

“Our after-school program provides an unparalleled opportunity for young artists to learn traditional techniques of observational drawing, painting and sculpture, in a contemporary studio environment. I look forward to delivering the Lyme experience Academy to a new generation of artists,” comments Lacey.

In keeping with traditional academic practices that date back to the Renaissance period, first-year students will follow a drawing curriculum; students continuing in the second year will focus on painting or sculpture.

The Young Masters extracurricular program is offered over two semesters each year and is designed to follow the academic calendar of the 18 K-12 region.

Fall and spring semester sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Students can opt for one or two program days per week. Students can register at any time, subject to availability.

The fall semester ends December 22, 2022. Program costs are $550 for one day per week, $1,100 for two days per week.

Visit this link for more information and registration details.

The mission of the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts is to teach the fundamental skills of drawing, painting and sculpting in the figurative tradition. Through its commitment to training students in these skills and an engagement with contemporary discourse, the Academy will empower a new generation of artists.

Through its programs, the Academy is committed to enriching the cultural life of the community.

Continuing the lineup, the Academy recently announced the opening of De Gerenday’s Fine Art Materials and Curiosities, a new boutique featuring fine art materials and giftware from around the world.

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Kayleen C. Rice