MacArthur Place to expand its artistic program

MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa announced this week the extension of its contemporary art program in partnership with Aerena Galleries and Uprise Art.

Home to a collection of art by independent artists from across the country, MacArthur Place will launch its next wave of featured artwork on October 10 with Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao from Uprise Art, a Brooklyn-based duo that features showcasing their use on play and experimentation through unusual colors and textures – as well as works by Lisa Hunt who will showcase her silkscreens and collages on panel and paper from December 5-11.

In addition to its Artist-in-Residence program, MacArthur Place is committed to showcasing emerging and established artists through a series of rotating sculptures with the Aerena Galleries of the local wine region. The hotel currently houses five sculptural works of art throughout the property, with the option for guests and visitors to purchase any work they like before going off-site. In keeping with MacArthur Place’s philosophy of natural luxury, each sculpture blurs the line between man-made environment and surrounding nature, with shapes crafted from organic materials.

To celebrate the launch of the sculpture series, MacArthur will host an Aerena Galleries book signing session with co-authors Heather Herbert (veteran of Bay Area architectural firms) and Chase Ewald of At Home in the Wine Country on Thursday October 21 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Apart from the hotel’s artistic partners, MacArthur Place is also home to an extensive collection of hand-selected works of art – including over 100 distinctive pieces – photographs, paintings, sculptures, multimedia works and works of art. tapestries available for viewing throughout the property. public spaces, large grounds and guest rooms.

MacArthur Place is located on Broadway on MacArthur Street in Sonoma.

Kayleen C. Rice

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