Mason art student showcases the Corner Pocket in new mural

Because she had no previous experience designing and painting a mural, Mason’s student Lecsi Pillar said she did not expect to be chosen for the project. Photo by Sierra Guard/Creative Services

Amid the arcade games, ping-pong tables and neon lights of the corner pocketone of George Mason University’s student hangouts in the Hub, is home to a brand new addition: a mural by Lecsi Pillar, a senior art and visual technology student at Mason.

Because she had no previous experience designing and painting a mural, and because she submitted her pitch just hours before the application deadline, Pillar said she doesn’t care. wasn’t expecting to be chosen for the project.

“I never thought I would be able to do something so big,” she said.

But when Jack Kenny, a team leader at Corner Pocket, saw Pillar’s submission, he immediately knew his design was the one.

“It was just spectacular,” Kenny said.

This work is part of the larger Murals at Mason project.

woman on ladder with mask
Lecsi Pillar worked on the mural every day for two weeks. Photo by Sierra Guard/Creative Services

“For student artists who have never done murals before but want to learn, Murals at Mason provides mentorship throughout the project while allowing the student to learn through experience,” Yassmin said. Salem, program manager for Murals at Mason and former student of Mason.

Mason’s Murals and Corner Pocket management reviewed all submissions and ultimately agreed to go ahead with Pillar’s design as it was very colorful, included a variety of activities offered by Corner Pocket and did cleverly refer to the name of the space, Salem said.

Pillar said she was inspired by her parents for her design, with an “80s disco” theme.

“They tell me stories all the time about their college experience in the ’80s and going to roller disco,” Pillar said.

Pillar said she imagines people hanging out and going to the arcade after school, just like she saw in ’80s movies.

But Pillar said it’s also important that the mural matches the atmosphere of where it will be displayed. This way, you’ll feel like it’s always been there.

To play the name Corner Pocket, Pillar said she had long imagined a girl looking over her shoulder and the “energy,” or light arcade vibes, of space coming out of the corner of the pocket. back of the girl.

To allow students to see themselves in the design, Pillar said she chose not to give the people in the mural skin tones and instead used background colors.

Pillar worked every day for two weeks in January, sometimes with the help of her friend, Mady Shaw, to ensure the mural would be completed for the start of the spring semester.

Through his work on this project, Pillar got a job at Mason’s Student centers as a lead graphic designer and has applied for several other off-campus mural projects.

Pillar said she credits Maria Karametou, associate professor at Mason’s Art schoolfor his motivation to create this mural.

“I wouldn’t have taken this opportunity if it hadn’t pushed me,” Pillar said. “The only reason I even conceptualized being able to do great things is because of her.”

See more of his art on Instagram at @maeberry_arts.

Kayleen C. Rice