NEISD Art Student’s Work Chosen to Feature in National Virtual Exhibit

SAN ANTONIO – The art of a MacArthur High School student has been chosen to feature in a National Art Education Association virtual exhibit.

Alissa Murphy’s piece is called “Trapped”. She says it depicts the inner war that is hidden within someone who suffers from panic attacks.

The piece was chosen from over 1,600 student nominations for the National Art Honor Society / National Junior Art Honor Society 2022.

The virtual exhibition features 199 works representing 103 schools from 29 states and three countries outside the United States

“Art has become increasingly important to me throughout my high school career. It allows me to slow down and scrutinize the details of my surroundings and enjoy life. I like to capture the likeness of someone one in a portrait and I strive to tell a story with every stroke of the charcoal,” Murphy said.

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Murphy said the recognition she received due to this achievement motivated her to do more to help oppressed people.

“I realized this was my chance to act as a driving force for education and, potentially, social change,” Murphy said.

She is planning a silent art auction titled “Artist in Action” on March 30.

“High school student artwork will advocate for social injustice, such as the Myanmar genocide, veteran PTSD, youth mental health, battered abused women and children, and homelessness,” Murphy said. “The funds will go to my school’s tutoring and outreach program, MacTEACH, with the goal of helping MacTEACH continue to address these issues locally.”

Murphy said her art will illustrate the emotional effect of the genocide in Myanmar on children.

“Rohingya Muslims live in constant fear, fleeing persecution, leaving behind their homes, their families and their destroyed lives,” she said. “I will be creating two pieces, capturing the duality of life for children facing the hardships of an unimaginable life on the run. The first piece will capture a peaceful moment of a child smiling and finding joy in the midst of struggle. The second piece will capture a moment of despair of a trapped child screaming in anguish.

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Murphy says she hasn’t decided which college she will attend yet, but she plans to major in biology and will continue to pursue artistic studies.

“I’m beyond excited to venture out on my own and thrive as an artist and student,” Murphy said.

Click here to view the virtual gallery which is on display until April 29.

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