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When JC White painted “Pandemic Panorama” he conjured up images of the desire to escape.

The painting, which was recently accepted into the Team Kentucky Gallery at the State Capitol in Frankfurt, was a homework assignment for White’s analog painting class. Analogous colors are groups of two to three colors that are side by side on the color wheel.

The painting, which is a landscape featuring the earth, sky and water, uses blue and yellow.

White’s painting will be on display in the gallery until December 31.

The OCTC Art Studies program taught the Maine native a lot and helped him become a better artist. He has been creating art, mainly in oils and acrylics, for over 60 years.

His artist statement explains that the painting may sound familiar, but it is “actually a fabrication of a place where there is a sense of normalcy”.

“My piece ‘Pandemic Panorama’ was an assignment in my Color Theory in Analogue Painting course, and I applied to the Governor’s Exhibition to fulfill a goal of my artist survival course,” White said.

As part of the Surviving Skills for the Artist course that White referred to, OCTC art faculty member Dave Wilson said that students get extra points for submitting one of the class projects to consider for an art exhibit within a 60 mile radius of Owensboro.

By doing this, Wilson said, students build confidence in their creativity and also validate their art education efforts with the art world.

“JC is a great artist and an advocate for arts education,” Wilson said. “But above all, he is a real mentor for OCTC students.

Governor Andy Beshear and First Lady Britainy Beshear showcase the artistic talents of Kentuckians in the gallery in the main lobby of the Capitol. The works of art will be exhibited on a rotating six-month exhibition schedule. Other pieces will also be exhibited in an online gallery in the coming weeks.

On the gallery’s website, the Beshears wrote: “The Capitol, as the people’s home, is the best place to showcase the voices of Kentuckians as they are portrayed through art. This art exhibit is by Kentuckians and for Kentuckians.

Those interested in submitting works of art to the gallery space can inquire and do so by visiting governor.ky.gov/gallery.


Kayleen C. Rice

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