Officials inaugurate state-of-the-art school to serve three counties in southern WV

MEADOW BRIDGE, WV (WVNS) – After a nearly 20-year process, Meadow Bridge has been given the green light to begin construction on the new Meadow Bridge Regional School.

The school will be Kindergarten to Grade 12 and will serve students from three counties.

“Today [Monday, December 20, 2021] was an innovation in the Meadow Bridge project for the Meadow Bridge Pre-K-12 Regional School, ”said Fayette County Superintendent Gary Hough. “[The school] will cover the region, not only for Fayette County students, but will extend to Greenbrier County and Summers County. “

The decades-long struggle to build a new school in the area is finally coming to an end, and many residents of the Meadow Bridge area have come out to show their appreciation to those who have fought for so long.

Superintendent Hough said the hope is for students to be integrated into the new building by the end of 2022.

“On December 1 of next year, 2022, we’re hoping the gymnasium will be finished and the high school section finished and moved in by December 1 of next year,” Hough explained. “And then the demolition will begin, and we hope that by the summer of the following year, by June of the following year, we will have completed the elementary section.”

Hough said Meadow Bridge Regional School will provide future students with cutting edge resources, as well as the peace of mind that they no longer have to worry about about the future of their schools.

“I think it’s going to bring a feeling of excitement,” Hough said. “The fact that they can all stay here on campus. And to give them the opportunity to know that they are stable for the next teenage years, many years into the future.

Kayleen C. Rice