Old Lyme art school plans fundraising, “Memento Vivere” exhibition

OLD LYME – To commemorate its reopening this fall, the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts is planning a fundraising reception one day before the opening of its inaugural exhibit, “Memento Vivere.”

The October 16 fundraiser will be a preview of the exhibit.

According to a press release.

Organized by artistic directors Amaya Gurpide and Jordan Sokol, the exhibition, which opens to the public on October 17, will feature more than 20 works by international artists. They represent “a progressive vision of the figurative tradition”, according to a press release.

“The vigor of these pieces and the optimism with which the Academy is moving forward illustrate the Latin title of the exhibition – Remember to Live – serving as a reminder of the resilience of life and the importance of celebrating it. through art, ”the press release said.

Featured artists include Felipe Alonso, Steven Assael, David Baird, Colleen Barry, Tamie Beldue, Hedi Ben Nun, Nina Cairns, Eudald De Juana, Hollis Dunlap, Paul Fenniak, Ann Gale, Michael Grimaldi, Amaya Gurpide, Grzegorz Gwiazda, Diarmuid Kelley , Edward Kinsella, Paco Lafarga, Kate Lehman, Eduardo Millan, Eloy Morales, Ed Praybe, Edmond Rochat, Travis Schlaht, Bernardo Siciliano, Will St. John, Peter Van Dyck, Eran Webber, Timothy P. Wilson and Yuval Yosifov.

The reception will be provided by Colt Taylor, Executive Chef of Essex.

Masks will not be mandatory, however, they will be available to guests, according to the announcement.

The exhibition, in the Chauncey Stillman Gallery, will be open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from October 17 to December 10. Tickets can be purchased by visiting lymeacademy.edu.

Kayleen C. Rice

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