Online Art School Presents Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban on Shark Tank

Tim Samuel, Dwayne Walker on Shark Tank (ABC / Christopher Willard)

In season 13 of Shark aquarium, two entrepreneurs from Snellville, Georgia – Tim Samuel and Dwayne Walker – ground Spark, their online learning platform designed to enable young students to reach their creative potential through art. Sparketh offers unlimited access to 1,000 art classes for children and teens (ages 6-19) online. Lessons are small videos taught by talented mentors, and new courses are offered every week.

Pitch Sparketh on SHARK TANK (ABC / Christopher Willard)

The two young men have the chance to pitch in front of the billionaire Marc Cuban who invested in early education ventures, including Brightwheel, and art projects such as Jiggy (art puzzles). But don’t count on Kevin O’Leary.

O’Leary during Sparketh pitch on SHARK TANK (ABC / Christopher Willard)

Mr. Wonderful has invested in the ToyBox children’s 3D printer, is a modern art collector (he is a big fan of Andy Warhol), and remember he became a millionaire when he sold his technology company SoftKey Software Products (which later changed its name to The Learning Company) to Mattel in 1999.

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