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As complex as the process of creating a game can be, it is important to note the responsibilities of each team member involved. Here’s a quick rundown of some key jobs in the gaming world:

Game artist. Game artists are specifically responsible for the front-end design of games. This can include 2D or 3D models of characters, creatures, vehicles, or virtual environments.

“In the BA in Game Art and Development online bachelor’s program, we will teach students how to create artistic designs and assets for game design concepts,” said Max Callahan, Associate Dean of SNHU.

A game art degree is designed to help you fill a number of roles as a game artist – including concept designer, modeler, texture artist, rigger, and animator.

Animator. An animator is someone who takes a static drawing or 3D model and brings it to life. As mentioned earlier, animation is a sub-specialization of the art of the game.

Like many roles in the game, this is highly collaborative work. In many cases, your designs will come from a 3D modeler. You will then likely be working with designers under the direction of an art director to determine exactly how a character, creature, or object should move.

You will act almost like a stagecoach, helping to understand a character’s motivations and giving personality to the way they move. Additionally, your skills will be transferable to a number of other industries – such as film, television, marketing, and more.

Game designer. What does a game designer do? These are the pros who have a deep understanding of their industry and what the players want.

As a game designer, you will spend a lot of time analyzing and talking about competitor games. It can be useful to start off as a QA tester or production assistant, as a good portion of your work will be devoted to finding design flaws to help improve gameplay mechanics.

Game designers can also specialize in a particular area of ​​a game. You could be a level designer – where you basically create level map plans. As a content designer, you can help create a game’s narrative, including character names, dialogue, quests, and stories.

Game producer. Every team needs someone to take care of the projects – in the gaming world, that’s the producer.

These are the people who plan the work, communicate with stakeholders, manage budgets, and check with teams to make sure everything is going well. It’s all about communication and organization.

Those at the entry level often receive the title of associate producer. By reaching a higher level, you will likely become a Product Owner.

Game programmer. We’ve talked about the artists of the video game world – now let’s talk about the scientists.

Programmers are very technical. They will use programming languages ​​like C ++, C # and Java to define the mechanics and logic of a game. They will build their work on a game engine like Unreal for various platforms.

Specialized roles in game programming include the tool programmer, simulation programmer, and software application developer.

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