Park Rapids High School Art Program Praised for Leadership – Park Rapids Enterprise

The Park Rapids School Board on Monday recognized art students Simone Wolff, Brielle Krabbenhoft, Halle Sosa and Evelyn Guajardo, who placed in the Region 8A visual arts competition on March 30 in Fosston.

Paintings by Guajardo and photos by Wolff were presented to the school board.

They also paid tribute to Luke Hartung, whose painting of two Canada geese won the state junior duck stamp design competition. His father, art teacher Mike Hartung, explained the long process Luke went through to complete the design and said it took a special kind of person to go through this process.

Superintendent Lance Bagstad read an email from Theresa Ebbenga, regional director of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, praising Hartung for his interest in Minnesota’s natural resources and hunting tradition and calling his artwork “absolutely breathtaking.” .

Ebbenga also praised the school for having the most duck stamp contest champions, six so far. “This is a strong indication of the exemplary leadership and education that Minnesota is known for,” she concluded.

For consent and general matters, the school board:

  • Accepted the resignation of Shawn Andress as Principal of the College, effective at the end of the school year; Zach Fennel and Andrea Safratowich as paraprofessionals, both beginning April 22; Brian Johnson and Charles Hrdlicka as assistant football coaches; Nic Lembcke as seventh-grade volleyball coach; Megan Rykhus as the Girls’ Assistant Swim Coach; Wyatt Sanford as a junior football coach; and Randy Thompson as an assistant college football coach.
  • Approved the retirements, with regret and thanks for their years of service, of paraprofessional Raelyne Fieldsend (21), catering employee Judy Girtz (25) and paraprofessional Sharon McFarren (34) ).
  • Hired Mikayla Magnuson as a teacher specializing in developmental cognitive disorders at a secondary school; Peter Franz as an elementary school teacher, subject to obtaining a permit; Stephanie Leslie as a teacher specializing in emotional or behavioral disorders in middle school; Sarah Young as head chef; and Aryanna Wetteland as a grades 7-12 science teacher, all effective from the 2022-23 school year.
  • Hired Jen Smith as an elementary paraprofessional; Tarja Nelson as Junior Athletics Coach; Chris Kirchner as a Boosters-funded junior track coach; and Wyatt Sanford as an assistant college football coach.
  • Approved volunteers Brian Johnson and Charles Hrdlicka as football coaches.
  • Out-of-state travel approved for Matt Brandt to attend the International Society for Technology in Education conference June 26-29 in New Orleans, La. Bagstad explained that Brandt had been asked to present on the replicated reality program he piloted in his classroom.
  • Received an update from ICS Project Engineer Austin May on the ongoing school improvement project. May said the replacement of the tennis court at Helten Ave. had been the subject of a call for tenders and that the tenders will be opened on 21 April.
  • Heard Nick Lano of the Minnesota Insurance Scholastic Trust explain how the 26-school insurance buying consortium declared a dividend last year on its 2014-15 policy year. As a result, the Park Rapids School District receives a dividend of $8,600, or about 5% of the district’s current insurance premium. Lano said the district has about $41,000 of equity in the program.
  • Approved the first reading of a job description for a speaker, American Sign Language interpreter and language facilitator.
  • Recognized a $2,500 League Star of the North Marine Corps donation to the Park Rapids Music and Choir Program.
  • Held an in camera session on negotiation strategies.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19 at 6 p.m. at the Frank White Education Center. It is a special time because of the Easter holidays.

Kayleen C. Rice