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PESHTIGO — The Peshtigo School District believes its art program is important for student development. Peshtigo has two art teachers: Andrea Cornett at the middle and high school level and Kelly Nemec at the elementary level.

“Arts education teaches students creative problem-solving skills,” said Cornett, adding that art classes have many benefits that people may not be aware of.

“Arts education helps students make connections in all school subjects,” she said.

Cornett said art is often used to represent significant events in history by providing context. “Creating art is a way for students to take risks and know it’s okay to make mistakes,” she said.

Nemec, an art teacher at the Peshtigo Early Learning Center, emphasizes the emotional and social benefits of arts education. “Arts education is very important because not all children are good in math, reading or science,” she said.

“Teaching artistic skills helps students learn self-expression and a creative perspective,” said Cornett.

Both teachers agree that learning art skills helps students emotionally and both aim to make students feel relaxed as they learn art skills.

“I’m much more interested in their efforts than the end product,” Nemec said.

Cornett said: “Art helps students relax and express themselves in a safe and welcoming environment.”

PELC students are organizing a fundraiser to raise money for the art programs, which will start soon. Each student will have uploaded a work of art to a company called Square1. Family members can then purchase items like coffee mugs, water bottles, key chains or even Christmas decorations with their child’s artwork printed on these items. Even if family members aren’t interested in buying items, it’s exciting to be able to see the art the students have created, the two art teachers said.

The artistic skills that Peshtigo students develop will impact future learning and development, while helping them make connections, said Cornett and Nemec.

Kayleen C. Rice

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