Red Oak HS art student goes to state, another wins scholarship.


RED OAK – In early March, 12 students from Red Oak High School submitted a total of 15 pieces to the annual Regional School of Visual Arts (VASE) event.

According to a press release, all 15 coins achieved the highest possible score at the regional event and also received medals.

Student Abigail Colwell entered one of her artwork for the State VASE competition.

Below, Ms. Mentzel’s drawing students are listed:

Marlene Bautista

Valérie Cardenas

Maryanne Croupton

Kathryn Grace Dyess (2 medals)

Lisa Green

Kaitlin Hollingsworth

Sya Petty (2 medals)

Isabelle Torres

Sonya Trevino

Brenna Turano

Emma Wooley

With Mr. Renner’s ceramic student:

Abigail Colwell (2 medals and 1 advanced work at VASE State)

Last year, ROHS senior Alyssa Starr qualified for the State VASE competition and won a Gold Seal for her coin, which is the highest honor possible. Gold Seal coins are typically presented at the Texas Art Educator Association’s annual conference, but it was canceled last year due to COVID, the statement said.

This week, 17 art, ceramics and drawing students from Red Oak High School submitted artwork to the Ellis County Art Association’s Youth Art Exhibition in Waxahachie.

Here is a work of art by Kathryn Grace Dyess, winner of the Shelley Memorial Art Fellowship.

Grade 12

Kathryn Grace Dyess Memorial Bursary of $ 1,000 Nance (multiple entries)

Carlos Valdez Deer Skull – Honorable Mention

Alayna Waskom Octopus – Honorable Mention

· Noah Mendoza Future – Honorable Mention

Grade 11

Abigail Colwell Slow Travel – 1st place

Jesse Daniel’s Story Jerry Reed – 3rd place

Adrian Williams Blue – Honorable Mention

Jacob Warman Tree – Honorable Mention

10th year

Lisely Rodriguez Monster Chaos – 1st place

Marlene Bautista Tea Time – 2nd place

Faith Lee Dragon – 3rd place

Nathan Riley Self Portrait – Honorable Mention

Maryanne Crouch Finn – Honorable Mention

Grade 9

Townley Lutrick’s Anxiety – 1st place

Kaylee Vaughan Hank – 2nd place

Natalie Wooley New World – 3rd place

Kumara Hailey Earl and Taco – Honorable Mention


Kayleen C. Rice