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Children as young as 5 and adults as old as they like can learn Old Masters drawing and painting techniques at the New Santa Fe Art School at The Lofts, 3600 Cerrillos Road.

Artist and art teacher Ronny Beeman believes that the fundamentals of the art of light, shadow and form developed by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Monet give novice and more advanced artists the tools to draw and paint. in any style you want.

“It’s learning techniques in a really fun way,” Beeman said.

Beeman, 48, opened the 300-square-foot space with a 22-foot ceiling in August. The art school allows Beeman to give students the individual attention that eluded him for five years as an art teacher at the Santa Fe School of Arts and Sciences.

“It’s something for kids who can’t play baseball, something for kids who can’t dance,” Beeman said. “The first thing I notice is that their confidence is changing. “Now I can do something that a lot of other kids can’t. This confidence spills over into math and language arts. With adults, people are looking to grow, learn, and do something relaxing.

Beeman offers late afternoon classes for ages 5 to 14 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and late morning classes on Saturdays. Adult classes meet on Thursday evenings and a Wednesday class reunites adults and children.

All skill levels meet in the same classroom, and Beeman pays individualized attention to the 65-minute lessons for children and the 90-minute lessons for adults. The cost is $ 30 per class for children or $ 109 for a month and $ 40 per class or $ 174 per month for adults.

Beeman adapts his classes at the Santa Fe School of Art to his schedule at the Santa Fe School of Arts and Sciences.

“I like to work at school [for arts and science], “she said.” What I miss is working with really large groups. I can’t seem to focus on what every kid really needs. I have to find the middle. I want to find a way to reach children at their own learning level. Here I can match the skill set.

Beeman bases her teaching on the Old Masters because that’s what she studied at Larry Gluck’s Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Studios in Los Angeles. She paints in watercolors and oils.

“The people who come in are passionate about the art and really want to develop strong skills and learn the fundamentals of the art that have been taught and used by master artists,” she said. “It starts with [understanding] the notions of light and darkness. It all depends on how the shadows fall. The best artists are master designers. If you can’t draw, forget about painting.

Beeman and her husband, Gray, moved to Santa Fe from Seattle five years ago. They followed the family here.

“Whenever we came to visit, I was in awe of the beauty here,” she said. “Let’s go somewhere where there is more sun, a beautiful blue sky and beautiful scenery. This is why so many artists are drawn to Santa Fe.

Beeman has been considering opening an art school since his early twenties and was going to do so sooner, but the pandemic has delayed his plans.

“I’m not going to do it now,” she said she had been thinking for a year. “Basically I’m standing on the edge of a precipice and then my husband pushed me. He said, “It’s something you love, something you’re good at, something Santa Fe needs.” “

Beeman has six art benches. For the moment, it accommodates five to six children per class and four adults.

What his art school doesn’t have in square footage, he makes up for vertically with the 22-foot ceiling and tall windows.

“It gives me so much more space to hang my students’ artwork,” Beeman said.

Kayleen C. Rice

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