Sound Art Student Anthony Sertel Dean Receives 2022 Campbell Prize

Graduate student in sound art Anthony Sertel Doyen ’22 is among the winners of Columbia University’s prestigious Campbell Award.

The Campbell Award is given to one graduating student from each school, a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership and the spirit of Columbia, as evidenced by the late Bill Campbell ’62 CC, ’64 TC, Chairman Emeritus, Trustee of university and co-founder of the Columbia Alumni Association. .

Sertel Dean is a hyper-collaborative artist who, while at Columbia, developed works for installation, radio, film, theater, and interactive media, working with collaborators from various University programs. . Their creative interests include telephony, expressions and stories of the self, the plasticity of voice, the interactions of culture and technology, earth and space.

“[My] works exist as publicly as radio broadcasts and as private as personal messages sent over the phone, but they are all meant to bring listeners together,” Sertel Dean explains on his website: “There is a supportive intent throughout. throughout my work: to support others, to support joy, to support exploration and revelation. I believe it is a way to form a larger community.

Kayleen C. Rice