South Warwickshire art student’s work hits billboards in Amsterdam

A VERY creative student from Leamington College has had her work displayed on billboards across the Netherlands as part of an international festival.

Katie Jones, who is taking the college’s Graphic Design with Photography course, had works selected to be featured in the international movement festival – DEMO (Design in Motion).

Held for the second time since 2019, the festival is a 24-hour event showcasing the world’s best motion design on 5,000 screens and billboards across the Netherlands.

With 816 pieces chosen from more than 5,300 submissions, the art of motion design was showcased on screens in places including airports, shopping malls and public transport.

The festival also held a series of conferences related to the profession of motion design, creative coding and web art, with speakers from Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain and the Kingdom. -United.

The 21-year-old’s piece, titled ‘Tripping Over Trees’, has been selected for inclusion in Total Motion under the theme of Stranger Things.

The selected piece comes from Katie’s studies at Leamington College, where she worked with motion design software After Effects to manipulate and animate her photography.

The resulting work showed tree stump rings beginning to wrap around themselves, causing the viewer’s eye to stumble around the image as it swirls.

Katie said: “I was very excited to have my work accepted into the festival and really enjoyed seeing motion design on the big screens in Amsterdam.

“Without the encouragement of my tutors, I wouldn’t even have thought of applying for the festival and I’m so happy to have taken this chance.

“During my studies, the college staff were always so generous with their time and support, and it really helped my work and my skills to progress.

“In my final year of studies, I look forward to further developing my skills and seeing what the future holds for me.”

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Kayleen C. Rice