Southampton School of Art celebrates ‘In Full Colour’ by local senior art students

Everyone is invited to celebrate the opening of the Southampton Art School for the ‘In Full Colour’ exhibition on Saturday 16th April from 1.00pm to 3.00pm.

The exhibition will feature original artwork by art students from Saugeen District Senior School (SDSS). Each painting features Southampton Art School in some way, is done in watercolor and comes with an artist statement. The artists will also be present to talk about their art and answer all your questions.

This project started in 1997. We originally asked for submissions from local artists, then in 2010 the art school partnered with the local high school and have been receiving submissions every year since. Don’t hesitate to come and vote for your favorite painting. The artist selected as the public’s choice will see their works presented in all promotions related to the art school next year. They will also win a $100 gift certificate from DeSerres Art Supplies sponsored by the Shoreline Artists.

Voting will also take place in person at the Gallery and online via the link Hills Insurance sponsored the exhibition.

The Art School will choose three more entries, along with the People’s Choice winner, to create a set of four gift cards. Each selected student will receive a deck of cards. The remaining sets will be sold to raise funds for art kits for young people in our community.

The exhibition runs from April 12 to 24.

Kayleen C. Rice