Students From China’s Best Art School Hold Graduation Show


The Central Academy of Fine Arts is considered one of the best art schools in China. Each year, the students organize an exhibition – open to the public – as part of their diploma. This year’s show drew huge crowds to Beijing.

Over 3,000 pieces, including paintings, sculptures, digital art, installations and other art forms, are on display at the CAFA Art Museum. Over the past 10 days, visitors have flocked for a preview. Some of the exhibits have gained attention on social media.

Graduate student Zhang Ziwei started creating her graduation creation since last October.

“I named it Colony Symbiosis. The light is projected onto the acrylic in the shape of a cell. The shadows demonstrate the relationship between individuals and an entity. The network and lines symbolize outward erosion and, in at the same time, connect individuals to each other, they are both individual and part of a whole, displaying a state of vitalization, ”said Zhang.

Zhang Ziwei’s “Colony Symbiosis”. / CGTN

Zhang Ziwei’s “Colony Symbiosis”. / CGTN

Some visitors have different views on the artwork.

“At first glance, it reminded me of jellyfish, flowers and blood vessels. Then ideas of floating, of life and of reincarnation also arose, ”said one visitor.

No matter what impresses viewers, Zhang said the enthusiasm makes her seven months of work worthwhile.

The museum allows a maximum of 3000 visitors per day. And they have been full since the opening of the exhibition.

Liu Chang’s installation “The Choir” is always surrounded by visitors. This gives them a stage to receive applause, and many of them stop to interact with these “audience members”.

Installation “The Chorus” by Liu Chang. / CGTN

Installation “The Chorus” by Liu Chang. / CGTN

“I am in awe of the scenes of parents bringing their children here to experience it,” Liu said. “It’s an interesting image of a kid standing on stage and being encouraged. Everyone deserves a applause. That’s what I want to say.”

The exhibition will end on May 20. All works of art will then be uploaded with a virtual 3D experience.

Kayleen C. Rice

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