Students take part in the city’s prestigious Glasgow School of Art degree exhibitions

A PAISLEY The jewelery designer who left school at 16 because she couldn’t make art in sixth year is one of hundreds of talented students taking part in the prestigious Glasgow School of Art shows this week .

Sarah McQuarrie had always planned to study artbut when her school did not offer an advanced senior course, she left.

“I joined a Saturday jewelery making class at City of Glasgow College as a hobby, and fell in love with it,” smiles Sarah.

“I had never seen jewelry from an artistic point of view before and I was fascinated. I completed an HND and then applied to Glasgow School of Art.

“It was one of the proudest days of my life when I got accepted.”

Glasgow Times: Exhibition of diplomas from the Glasgow School of Art at the Stow building.  Pictured is Sarah Louise McQuarrie, a graduate student in goldsmithing and jewelry.  She is pictured wearing some of her designs...Photograph by Colin Mearns.May 31, 2022.For the Glasgow Times see

She adds, “I grew up with the history and reputation of this world-renowned art school on my doorstep.

“It has been the most rewarding experience to be part of the GSA community, to meet lifelong friends and to benefit from the support and opportunities offered by the goldsmith and jewelery department.”

Defined By Light, Sarah’s stunning graduation collection – which runs until June 19, was inspired by the memories of people and places she focused on during the pandemic.

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“I have so many treasured memories of watching sunsets and sunrises, camping out and watching the night sky, the lights of a bustling cityscape, fireworks and celebrations,” he says. she.

“All the things I didn’t have access to during lockdown. The light became a reminder of those times and I wanted to channel that into my work, to create wearable memories.

“For me, jewelry making is a calming, meditative process that allows me to turn daydreaming into productivity.”

Glasgow Times: Exhibition of diplomas from the Glasgow School of Art at the Stow building.  Pictured is Textiles graduate student Aya Fetah with a prayer rug...Photograph by Colin Mearns.31 May 2022.For the Glasgow Times see story by Ann Fotheringham.

Talented textile graduate Aya Fetah grew up in Townhead.

“I used to walk past Glasgow School of Art every day and would take school trips there every year,” she explains.

“I have always found the building and the atmosphere fascinating.”

Aya wanted to use her love of textiles and art to showcase her culture and religion.

“As a Muslim and a Kurd, I discovered that I could use art to educate my audience on the elements on which my culture is based,” she explains.

Its collection includes calligraphy art, woven baskets and specially designed prayer rugs.

Kayleen C. Rice