The delights of the Earth at the National School of Fine Arts

If you are unfamiliar with the work of great Australian artist Colin Lanceley, now is your chance. The National Art School at Darlinghurst is proud to present Earthly Delightsan exploration through the artist’s signature technicolor assemblages and the intense sensory experiences of human life, culture and nature that underlie his work, affirming his vital importance and contribution to contemporary Australian art.

This great show, organized by Sioux Garside in conjunction with the Lanceley Estate, tracks tevolution of the artist’s work in three main stages: the collaborative collages of Annandale Imitation Realists, formed in 1960 with two other NAS students and portrayed by Robert Hughes as Australia’s ‘first totally urban artistic guerrilla band’; his assembled sculptures from the mid-1960s while living in London; and the vibrant, sculptural paintings he became known for five decades from 1970 until his death in January 2015, aged 77.

Lanceley had a strong association with NAS, studying there in the 1950s, before returning as an educator in 1981 and teaching at the school for several decades and helping to establish NAS as a school of independent tertiary art in the studio in 1996.

Earthly Delights follows Lanceley’s endless quest to express what he has described as the the essence of being alive at a point in time, and escaping traditional restrictions paint.

Colin Lanceley: Earthly Delights is on free viewing from June 24 to August 13, 2022.

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Kayleen C. Rice