The EM Burger Foundation donates $ 20,000 to the CHS art program, CPAC

Together with California High School art teacher Brad Friedrich, who is also an art club sponsor and director of the California Performing Arts Center, the EM Burger Foundation made a contribution of $ 19,000 to the arts department of the school – as well as a $ 1,000 contribution to CPAC – Last week.

Burger Foundation President Amy Mouse arrived at the CHS on December 16 to meet with Friedrich, Art Club Vice President Grace Porter and Art Club President Treston Lewis and present the check.

Friedrich said the $ 19,000 contribution would help build the school’s arts department computer lab. Friedrich said the money was spent on 12 new iMacs that students could use for graphic design work, replacing older models in the department. He said the graphic design course has been part of the school’s art curriculum since 2006 and all students have access to the Macs in the lab.

To thank the foundation and show how beneficial their contribution was to the student body, Friedrich sent them a slide presentation on the works of art the students had developed in their graphic design classes and three letters from former students. of CHS who are now working professionally in the field of graphic design.

Friedrich and Mouse continued their visit to the school’s Performing Arts Center, where a contribution of $ 1,000 was made towards the purchase of hearing aids for guests.

Friedrich said he was happy to see the Burger Foundation continue to support the school, its students and the arts.

“We appreciate their support,” Friedrich said. “They’ve supported the Performing Arts Center and the school district as a whole for many, many years. We’re happy with them, and it’s nice to see that we have such community support to help our children.”

Democratic Photo / Kaden Quinn The EM Burger Foundation also contributed $ 1,000 to the California Performing Arts Center.

Print Title: EM Burger Foundation Donates $ 20,000 to CHS Art Program, CPAC

Kayleen C. Rice