The Wylie & May Louise Jones Gallery hosted an exhibition by art students from British Columbia – The Renegade Rip

The Bakersfield College Wylie & May Louise Jones Gallery hosted an exhibition of art students from British Columbia on March 24.

All of the artwork featured in the exhibit was created and constructed by past and current BC students majoring in studio arts, graphic design, and photography.

Although there was no theme, there was a pattern in the various artworks with students submitting designs that have sentimental value and with photos and paintings that touched close to home .

Artist and photographer, Ana E. Cortez Ramos had a piece at the exhibition called “Siempre En Mi Memoria” Fall 2021 which is an acrylic on canvas and a drawing by her grandfather. Another painting exhibited by artist Austin Lemons of the late actor Chadwick Boseman (title of the piece also0) Fall 2020, with acrylic paint on canvas.

As someone who doesn’t have the ability to draw or paint like these BC students do, it felt good to know that there are so many talented people attending the same college than me. Bakersfield is a small town and therefore everyone who works very hard to achieve their goals and dreams is recognized.

An interesting detail about participating in the art exhibition is an artist by the name of Daniel Rodriguez with a digital photograph titled “Fotografia Turista” Spring 2022 which translates to “Tourist Photography” in English and was actually taken in the city ​​of Queretaro found in central Mexico. Which is interesting because I went there a while ago. It was also nice to see how many people showed up to look at the artwork on display.

This is the first time in three years that the BC Jones Gallery has hosted an in-person event. The new hours are Monday through Thursday 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for anyone wishing to visit the student art exhibit on display at the moment.

Acrylic painting on canvas titled “Chadwick Boseman” of the late actor, Fall 2020 by artist Austin Lemons. (Hugo Maldonado Garcia/The Tear)
Piece by artist Antonio Gallardo titled “Forgotten Home in Arvin” Fall 2021. (Hugo Maldonado Garcia/The Rip)
Piece by artist Ana E. Cortez Ramos titled wire “Peacock” Spring 2022. (Hugo Maldonado Garcia/The Rip)

Kayleen C. Rice